Top Protein Bars That I Would Recommend!

Im sure we have all been in a situation where we are trying to make an effort to eat healthier, consume more protein, and not snack on sugary foods. But when you are in a rush or have not eaten anything all day, you can start to convince yourself that one pop tart at a gas station that you can eat on your drive isn't a big deal. So what I did was go to a gas station and pick out several protein bars to find one that actually tastes good and does not have the consistency of a brick. I provide the list, my ratings, as well as links to order them below. The best way to avoid the gas station snack shelf is to be prepared with healthy options beforehand.

The Contenders:

  1. Pure Protein - Chocolate Peanut Butter
  2. One Bar - Peanut Butter Cup
  3. Quest Bar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  4. RXBar - CHocolate Chip
  5. Clif Builder Bar - Peanut Butter Chocolate
  6. MetRX Bar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

So first off, I am looking at these bars and rating them primarily on the taste of the bar. You may consider the total calories, ingredients, and macro breakdown when choosing between them. But for my ratings I primarily went off taste as the other considerations may be highly individual. 

Pure Protein:

This is the most cost effective option of the list, therefor it is a fairly common choice. And if you are taking calories into consideration it is tied for the best with only 200 calories while still having 20 grams of protein. I will say the actual taste of the bar is not bad at all, it does have a little bit of an artificial flavor to it though. So it comes with a 6/10 rating. Middle of the road, but if cost and calories are important to you it can be a great option. (LINK: )

One Bar:

The one bar was a good competitor, it has a good taste and is pretty macro friendly as well. It lacks in the consistency department however, it has a pretty dry consistency. This is pretty common in protein bars, but can make it hard and less pleasurable to eat when you get cotton mouth trying to get the whole bar down. That brings the rating to 5/10, I have not tried many other flavors and they may have better ones but it is at a 5 for now. ( LINK )

Quest Bar:

Next up we have the Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavored bar. This bar is tied for the most calorie friendly option with the pure protein bar above, both at 200 calories. The quest bar has 1 extra gram of protein, however different flavors have different amounts. All in all it has a good flavor, but very sweet. I like sweet and give it a 8/10 but if you do not have a sweet tooth you may not like it as much. ( LINK )


Next is the RXBar, this one is a little different. That is because it only has 12 grams of protein, putting it somewhere in between an energy bar and a true protein bar. However it is a mention because uniquely it only has the ingredients listed on the bar to make it. Many people like this option with less sugar, no artificial flavors or coloring. As for the bar itself it has a rather chewy consistency and this one lacked a real chocolate chip flavor so I give it a 6/10. It wasn't bad and is good for what it is but would likely not be a choice for me. (LINK )

Clif Builder:

Next up is the Clif Builder bar. This bar was surprisingly nice. Holding it still in the packaging it felt like a rock, however that was likely do to the chocolate shell it had. eating the bar it was really one of the lighter and easier to eat of the bunch. The flavor was good, calories weren't the lowest but at 290 not crazy high either. I give this bar a 9/10. (LINK )


Lastly we have the giant of the group, if you need protein and you need a lot of it here you go. with about 10 more grams of protein than the rest this bar is for sure a gainers friend. It isn't too short on calories either. All this comes with a big bar, nearly double the size of the others. It is packed with whey though, and has the most moist and soft consistency of the group. I give this bar a 9/10. (LINK )


Clearly you will have other factors involved when making your decision but I recommend finding a good option for yourself and having something ready the next time you are scrambling for nutrition.


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